Lil Wayne Concert recap.

If you are a fan and have a chance to go see Weezy .. by all means, GO. He puts on an awesome show. Out of all the rap concerts I’ve been to, he is truly the best I’ve seen thus far. He really puts his whole heart and soul into his performance.

He had an awesome set complete with a dj, a full band and an awesome back up singer whose name escapes me at the moment but she was really good.

TPain put on a great show too with the stage set up like a circus to promote his new album Thr33 Ringz. He is an excellent dancer and even had circus performers … a girl dancing on stilts, a midget Britney impersonator and a mime who shadowed him around the stage. I guess what surprised me most about TPain’s performance is when he sat down and started playing piano … it was really good and completely unexpected.

Lil Wayne played for quite a while … coming out and doing almost every song from Tha Carter III and also some old stuff, from his Hot Boys days and also Tha Block is Hot. There was talk during the show of Tha Carter IV and also a collaboration album called T-Wayne (TPain & Lil Wayne together) in the works. His show had lots of explosions, smoke, and fire. He disappeared for a while and came back out and did A Milli for the encore and it was awesome.

When he came out and did Lollipop he wore the same black suit he had on in the video =) Sharp!