Promises Drug Treatment Center

If you or maybe some one you care about is having a problem with drug addiction, it can be a terrible thing for all involved. It is also important to know that their are destructive addictions can be an addiction to anything, whether it be alcohol, illegal drugs, or prescription drugs.

If you are seeking drug treatment help, you might want to check out Promises, a drug treatment center that treats a variety of addictions. Treatment can be arranged for 30 days to 90 days and beyond. Offered is residential treatment (which includes detox services), extended care and day treatment, outpatient treatment, and sober living.

This is particularly for those who reside in California because the locations are in Malibu and West Los Angeles. They have a core treatment team, one-on-one therapy and also family counseling, private time, support groups and continuing care ... anything you need to help get you on the right track. Promises has even been featured in several news publications as being not a resort rehab center but a real rehab center focused on making your life better.

If you are suffering or know somebody else who might benefit from this information, please pass the word. You can also reach someone there to talk about the Promises Center twenty-four hours a day by calling 866.871.3149.