Free calls!

Do you make a lot of calls? Would you benefit from a free calling service?

CallingAmerica.com allows you to make free calls and is the first complete ad-supported VoIP that lets anyone with a broadband connection make unlimited VoIP calls to any landline or mobile phone in the U.S. or Canada.

So, I tried it out and it works really great. I called my cousin in Duluth and it was easy and the sound quality was clear as a bell. And since it is purely web-based, there is no software to download or install. Anyone can simply visit the website and start making calls right away. However it is important to register, because then you can make calls without any limitations. Only non-registered callers have a duration limitation on their calls.

We currently use Skype in our household often since most of our friends and relatives live in other states and we all don't have the same cellular phone services, and we do from time to time have to purchase credits to be able to use the service. So in that case, we will use CallingAmerica instead to save us some money in this difficult economic time.

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