What are you waiting for?

Is the first thing that catched my eye when I visited fitness dates. I don't know what I'm waiting for, but I guess if I was single I would want to date someone fit haha. The site is obviously made for people who are looking for healthy young and fit people. I don't know if it would be my first choice, but if you're single I can recommend checking it out. The sign up is free and that's always the first thing I'd look for. I like their design and I like the fact that it's not got a whole bunch of ads like other sites I've seen. The search feature is really cool, it automatically loads all the towns that are in your state, and it loads them fast. Maybe I'm easily impressed but I've not seen that before. What's also a useful search feature is the distance field, not all people find their love overseas (although I do recommend it!). I'm also impressed by the enourmous amount of details you can select people on. Theoretically you could search for an atheist who likes to watch reruns, lives in Reno, is attracted to money and owns an exotic animal. (Hey I said theoretically ;). You get the point: if you're looking for fitness singles, check out the site!