Death to capri pants!

Why is it so hard to find a nice, basic pair of black pants?

I mean a pair with no beading attached, no glittery things sewn on, no wild colored threads running through, no funky belts looped on, no tapered legs, and dammit, NO CAPRIS! Everything is fucking capris. Is this disgrace to fashion ever going to go the away?

I finally found one pair tonight in a store full of pants, but even these have tiny red threads sewn at the bottom and little black eyelets attached as if I’m going to thread a shoestring through there or something. It makes no sense. But I figure if someone is down there checking it out that closely then they deserve to see them.

I got two shirts to match the black pants .. one khaki colored and the other, black. Finding a basic black shirt was not nearly as difficult, although I did have to search through some crappy ones before finding one I liked.

Basic, Basic, Basic .. keeping it simple seems to be a thing of the past.

Why can’t this damn town have a Gap?

At least the Gap has some basic black wide-leg boyfriend trousers to go with their god awful capris.