Save money using coupons!

If you, like myself, are into online shopping here's a cool way to save you some money on your next purchase. The website KeepCash offers a ton of coupons for over a 1000 different merchants/sites. Seriously, before you decide to buy anything online go to Keep Cash and see if you can find a good deal, because there is a big chance that you will find something to help you save money.

I have been looking to buy a laptop for a while now, since my boyfriend and I are both pretty reliant on computers for school and our jobs. We've kinda been waiting for a good deal to come along and when I learned about this site I found some great Dell.com coupon codes there. Made the decision somewhat easier, since it's not like it's just a couple of dollars off, I saved 50 bucks this way! I was afraid I also needed to look for some printer deals on KeepCash since it quit working on me today but I think I fixed the problem. I'm so smart! ;)

And what's also cool is that they update their coupon selection daily so if there's nothing on there for you now, there might be tomorrow. I wish I found out about this before because I could have saved so much money probably. Oh well, better late then never I guess ;) I subscribed to their RSS feed in my netvibes so I can see what's new whenever I log in.

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