Graphically Speaking: Invaluable for designers

Written by Lisa Buchanan, the long title of the book is: Graphically Speaking, a Visual Lexicon for Achieving Better Designer-Client Communication.

I have learned that people often can visualize what they want a finished project to look like, but sometimes cannot find the right words to describe their vision to the designer. It becomes frustrating for both parties when the designer fails to deliver what the client has in mind. This book can help fix that by offering specific questions for the client, such as: Do you want your design to look modern and clean? or What is your message, and how obvious or straightforward do you want this message to be?

It also helps target the client’s audience and offers ways to explain ideas to the client so they aren’t afraid to take risks.

On many occasion it has helped me decide on color schemes and fonts that work well together when creating a specific theme, anything from Alluring to Zing!

It also serves as a nice desk reference to flip through when in need of some inspiration.

I just cannot say enough nice things about this book. It has helped me through some tough times when I was blanking on what to do for a class project.

I think it makes a handy resource for any graphic designer.