Chickens have Peckers.

What started out as something funny that was said in my digital publishing & layout class turned into a full-fledged google search for “chicken peckers” so I could write a funny entry about it.
Little did I know there was actually a restaurant in China called that!

hahaha, “Uhhh, yeah, can I get a sack of large chicken peckers with some ranch dressing on the side? To go. Oh, and make sure to leave off those pesky chicken pubes, will ya? They get caught in my teeth.”

About my haircut .. the guy had me down for *yesterday* at 3:30. I was so crushed when I got there only to find out that he never works on Fridays. But I’m very organized usually, very punctual and good at remembering when I have to be somewhere. I don’t know who’s mistake it was .. but now I can’t get my shaggy mop of Einstein hair cut until the 31st unless I want to go to some walk-in place but I really don’t. Major disappointment of the day though.