I played $7 in scratch-off lottery tickets tonight at work with my tip money. I didn't win anything! Maybe I should have visited whogets.com instead!

WhoGets runs continuous online sweepstakes with a twist ... you get to decide who walks away with the coolest prizes! Anyone can enter to win, so go find a prize that you just got to have and enter the contest semi-final pool. If you are randomly selected as one of the 7 finalists, you must explain to the world why you should win that prize, and then wait and see what happens! Members will then discuss the finalists, give their opinions and cast their votes. Doesn't it sound like fun?

It's free to join and upon registering you can enter each contest once. There's nothing to buy, no offers to complete, and they promise no spam, ever!

There will be hundreds of contests too .. so go check them out and win something cool!

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