Pure Luck at work.

I have a new job. I’ve gone back to my roots of working at a gas station/convenience store, which was one of my first jobs ever. I like it .. get to work alone (I don’t always play well with others) and customers are usually in too much of a hurry to stand around and gab or be really needy of attention. Most just throw their money at me and run out the door, or .. in some circumstances, grab a soda & candy bar or a newspaper and ask for the bathroom key.

When people pre-pay they often don’t pump the entire amount, and we’re allowed to keep the change if they don’t come back for it, but we have to spend it on something in the store before our shift is over. It can be anything we want, and on some really busy days I do pretty good, I think the most I made so far was $12, so I used it to put gas in my car.

But today I couldn’t think of anything I really wanted with my dollar so I put it on a scratch-off lottery ticket ..

and I won fifty bucks!
whoo hoo! =) It was a good day.

Have a nice week and remember to always pre-pay after dark.