Design against your Creed project

This final project has been difficult and it’s not even finished yet, but I decided to design for the Westboro Baptist Church, which I’m sure most people are already familiar with. If you’re not familiar with them, you’ll get an idea of what they stand for when you view the ad I made, meant to be a mock magazine ad. The text I copied from a flier the church distributed in 2004. Notice the kids in the picture, and their t-shirts.

I learned the church also pickets military funerals, calling soldiers fags. They even have a little rhyme they chant about “fags coming home in body bags.”

I will say no more. I’m too sickened. Like I said, researching for this project has been really hard.

If an organization wanted to hire you for your design skills, but you disagreed with their beliefs, would you still do it if the price was right?