Reno 911 Miami is hilarious!

Have you seen Reno 911! Miami The Movie yet? I just watched it a few days ago and it is so funny .. so if you like funny movies then you must see it .. it's great!

I'd have to say each character is funny in their own way, but my favorite character would have to be the gay guy, Terry. He doesn't have a very big role but when he is there, he's hysterically funny. I wish he had a bigger part, or had his own movie in the future! He's funny because he goes around on roller skates in skimpy little outfits and talks nonsense but then ends up being this little rich kid whose father bought him a private jet, haha .. it's hard to explain, you just have to see it to know what I mean.

The Reno 911! Miami The Movie dvd was released June 19th, 2007 so go check it out! Now that I've seen it I know this is a movie I want for my own personal collection =)

Click here
to watch a scene from the movie. (You must have Quicktime to be able to view it)

Check it out! If you are a fan of silly comedies or Comedy Central-type humor then you won't be disappointed!