What can Motivator do for you?

Have you ever heard of software called Motivator?

It is motivation software that claims to reprogram your mind so that you can achieve absolutely any goal in the next two weeks. Through something known as programmed rehearsal it is said to be able to change life-long habits. Perhaps you have heard of it before and just forgot, because it was very popular back in the '80s!

Motivator is a piece of software that helps remind you of your goals.

Here's how it works: it displays messages on your computer at set intervals which help to regularly reinforce your goals and provide much needed motivation.

By always reminding yourself of your goals, you can achieve them no problem! You can use Motivator to change even the worst habits within just two weeks.

It's pretty simple: just install Motivator, setup your messages, and watch as they appear on your computer screen. Full instructions are provided upon download.

The software is absolutely free .. so why not give it a try? They do guarantee that you will not need a credit card to download the software.

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