Never work a Cruise In if you don't have to.

Ok, so I have a new respect for people who work fast food in large, busy cities, because tonight I got a small taste of what that would be like ..

They had a Cruise-In at the restaurant where I work, and boy, was it a doozie.

I knew it was going to be bad, but I didn't know how bad. There were people EVERYWHERE, wanting EVERYTHING, and not very happy to have to stand in line and wait for food and drinks when it was about 90 degrees outside and they had already been out there in the sun for quite a while.

I think I didn't stop moving from 5pm until 9pm .. finally took a 30 minute break .. and then it was back to slaving again. Finally sat down at 12:45am .. when I finally got to go home.

*sigh* I am exhausted. The next one is June 30th .. I will be more prepared for it!