Kids These Days!

(Setting: At work, Saturday evening, sorta busy 16 year old co-worker: You want to do me a favor? Me: Not really, I'm sort of busy. 16 yr old co-worker: I'll give you a quarter if you'll go up and tell the manager that I need to go home early, I just threw up in the restroom. Me: (laughing) A quarter huh? Yeah, ok, that'll pay my rent AND put gas in my car. Hell, might even have something left over to get my nails done. A whole quarter, WOW! (more laughter) 16 year old co-worker: (glares at me and stomps off) The End.

* * *

And get this .. the co-worker's name is Mirage. I thought she was joking, so I laughed. She didn't.
It's really her name. God help us .... that's our future right there! haha, I'm scared!