A new twist on bidding at bid4prizes.com

Want an Apple iPhone? How about a Bose surround sound system or a brand new BMW?

At Bid4prizes.com, you can bid on products like this with what they say is a fun twist, the LOWEST bidder ends up being the winner.

There are two ways to bid, either online or with your mobile phone. The general idea of the game is to find a prize you like and place a bid to win it; the lowest unique bid is the lowest bid cast without any other player bidding on that prize with the exact same amount.

for example: On the 50” HDTV every penny from .01-.75 all have two or more bids on them but .76 only has 1 bidder. When the auction ends whoever bid .76 owns the low unique bid and wins the 50” HDTV. Make sense? Sound like fun?

I think I would most like to win the BMW 3 Series. I mean, how cool would it be to drive it around and tell everyone that you won it at an online bidding site for a very low price? Not to mention all the money you save by bidding on it, that would help you with keeping up with today's insane gas prices.

You can join for free or become a premium member of Bid4prizes for $9.99 per month.