Whoo to the Hoo.

Grades will not *technically* be released until 11/29 .. but some professors enter them early so I always get a sneak peek.

Check out two very important features of this grade report ... I'm now a junior! and for one bright, shining moment, I have a 4.0 GPA. That means in 3 of my classes I got A's. I have no idea which 3 this is .. since I was only expecting A's in 2 classes.

Depending on what I get in the 4th class that hasn't been reported yet ... I could still have a 4.0 for the first time ever! But unfortunately, one of my professors said nobody ever gets above a C in his class. I'm guessing he is the one who hasn't reported yet. In that case I'll be very sad. But we'll see .. 3 A's so far & new junior status .. whoo hoo!

After this quarter I'll have 103 credits, just need 200 to graduate! Gettin' there!