My life just became way more bleak in the last 24 hours.

I went to see my *other* adviser today, because I received an email from him saying, "Come see me, I have some forms for you to sign and stuff."


I show up, and he proceeds to turn my entire world upside down by telling me I've signed up for the wrong courses, that I HAVE to do a 200 hour internship (usually unpaid!) this summer (13.5 hours a week!), unless I want to be in school for an additional year.

We're talkin' until 2009 here, folks. I nearly bawled right there in his office.

We finally figured out that if I take an extremely mentally exhausting load during winter & spring quarters, it'll save me from this "extra year" that I so SO badly do not want. It could also help me bypass the internship. It's not that I don't *want* to do an internship .. it would actually probably be really great and I would learn a lot .. but how can I possibly work an internship unpaid and my paying job too and take classes at the same time? There aren't even enough hours in the week or enough bottles of headache medicine in the fucking WORLD.

So, without further adieu, my new (horrid) winter quarter schedule:

Monday & Wednesdays:

Visualist Studio I (creating hand-drawn + software generated art)
Art History Survey 2

Tuesdays & Thursdays:

Math 110
Digital Imaging (learning Photoshop w/ my other evil, evil adviser)

He said the drawing class was absolutely unnecessary and I can pick up an art elective at any other time or wait and take one during a semester to get this other stuff out of the way.

So ..


I am so sad. It's gonna be a long, cold winter.