The happiest place on earth.

And nope, it's not Disney World, surprisingly ..

It's Vanuatu, a South Pacific ocean archipelago. The happiest country on Earth.

This study was done to see how countries rank against each other in terms of measuring people's well-being and their impact on the environment.

I hope people don't catch word of this and go flocking there to fuck it all up. According to the study, Vanuatu is not consumer-driven, and it is full of people who just like to enjoy life and have happy times with their friends and families.

So, if you're thinking of crashing their party, please .. don't. Heavens on Earth are rare.

If you want to see where some other countries rank, here's the article.

I found this part interesting ..

"... we might better achieve long and happy lives for all, whilst living within our environmental means," he said, according to British daily The Guardian.

Nawwww, really?! Who woulda thunk it ..

America didn't do so well. Hmm.