Eavesdropping in a Crowd.

Snippets of random conversations I overheard in my ethics class this evening:

" .. go, go, go!"

" .. do you ever watch that show on A&E?"

" .. See, I don't have periods anymore .. "

" .. I went to him and asked how can I make this better?"

" .. See, they move independently, so I refuse to wear them because they smack me in the face."

" .. I found out last night, I'm going to learn Japanese .. "

" .. her Glamour Shots were horrible .. "

" .. see, he really loves horses .. "

" .. do you sleep with him?"

* * *

It's a grueling 4 hour long class with only a 10 minute break, so I have to amuse myself somehow. I have no idea how these conversations began or where they led, but I enjoyed jotting down the bits & pieces, just for fun.

I learned that people say "see" alot.

I was deeply saddened to hear Glamour Shots still exist. I thought life had evolved past that horrid craze. I guess I was wrong.