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One midterm down, one to go. My art history midterm is tomorrow afternoon but I think it won't be so bad. I've studied for it, and will continue to study tonight and tomorrow morning to make sure I am completely ready.

Last night I worked for a couple of hours on a book cover for my typography class. We had to design a book jacket and the one I was assigned is The Da Vinci Code. I was kinda glad, since I had at least read it and know what it's about. But we couldn't use any images at all, just type. That is more difficult than one might think .. making something look aesthetically pleasing without using any pretty things to look at along the way except for fonts.

Tonight I can register for summer quarter. I won't take a full load because the classes are condensed into 5 week sessions instead of 10 weeks. I plan to take my last math (problem solving and statistics), and art history I. If I can't get into those, I'm going to try for my civilization & literature class and my last science (rocks, minerals, and fossils) .. I hope I get my first choices though.

That's about all for now.