Pimpin' Munch.

Since there isn't much up right now except for job stress and battling the Bitches of Eastwick (aka, my bosses at the restaurant), I'll write about something else.


In my art history class I'm learning a lot of great things about a lot of great artists that I didn't know before.

One being Edvard Munch. I always loved what I referred to as 'The Scream,' which was initially called 'Despair' or 'The Cry.' I can relate with the figure in the painting. Life is frighteningly overwhelming and shockingly hard to believe at times, and I probably make that same wide-eyed facial expression and hands-on-cheeks gesture more than I realize. This painting makes it seem ok to scream your confusion out when things just get to be too much.

The expression on the figure's face conjures up all kinds of anxious feelings for me; memories of those moments of anxiety that have passed, and those that are yet to come.

Did you know this painting was stolen? It's true.

And while stealing is wrong, how would it feel to have this original piece gracing your walls?

If you think of Munch and only this painting comes to mind, PLEASE, do yourself a favor and look at more of his work.

I love the solemn expressions, the dream-like scenes, the sometimes-faceless characters. I love the soft-to-hard brushstrokes, the colors, the subjects.

Mark Munch down as one of my personal favorites, among many others, and even more who I've yet to discover.

I finished a painting last night and I'm really happy with it. Maybe I can take pics of it and post it later.