What I'm taking, summer & fall quarters.


Math 110 - Mathematics Core course (first 5 weeks)
Art History 366 - Non-Western Survey (last 5 weeks)


Civilization & Literature
Art History Survey I
American Film History
Ethics in Public/Private Life

I'm probably stupid to take 3 histories and a philosophy all in one quarter, but .. I kinda planned it this way. I won't have any digital classes or studio arts which take up the most time, so I'll have more time to read/write papers, which I do faster anyway.

I'm especially excited about the American Film History class, but not *too* excited, because I've realized in the past when I have high hopes for a class to be cool, it usually turns out to be anything but, or it runs a serious risk of cancellation.

This will leave only ONE class left to take from my GEP, which is one last lab science. Way cool! I'll be SO glad to get done with the stupid GEPs and down to business with the classes that really matter.

Of course, by the time they are done, I'll probably be cursing at the fact that I'll be taking ALL art classes every quarter until it's time for senior seminar and senior studios.

Still, it'll be good to mark them all off my list.