Staying healthy shouldn't cost a fortune.

I just noticed recently how much more expensive it is to buy the healthy stuff, and by that I mean fresh fruits, veggies, organic foods and drinks, and especially vitamins and supplements.

I was standing in Kroger eyeballing a brand-name I won't mention here who was selling a supplement that promised to make your joints and muscles feel better. Only, it was a 1 month supply for $55! Can't justify spending that much on a vitamin ..

I knew there must be a cheaper way to get the benefits without breaking your bank account, and I was right .. I found a site called BotanicChoice.com, where you can order vitamins and herbs at reasonable prices. But what's even better about this is you can use coupons to get an even better discount here, through a site called Coupon Chief.

BotanicChoice.com just happens to be my favorite store where you can use coupon codes, but there are more than 1,000 different stores to browse and choose to redeem your coupon codes with. That's huge!

So go check it out .. you might save a few pennies .. or maybe even quite a few dollars!

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