Rehab isn't for quitters.

Have you heard the recent buzz about the documentary Crackheads gone Wild?

Ok, that title might sound funny at first .. but last night I watched it, and it was definitely not a laughing matter. I think everyone should see it .. people throw the term 'crackhead' around loosely, making jokes, referring to other people as crackheads .. I know, I have said it before myself .. but this movie really shows the nastiness and destruction that a person on crack goes through.

I suppose a crack addiction or meth addiction or any other hard drug like that would be the toughest to overcome. The people in the movie didn't have homes, they rarely ate, and they smoked cigarette butts off of the ground that other people had thrown down and previously smoked. Gross. They hadn't seen their families or friends in years .. most lost their kids, pets, jobs, teeth .. everything.

I would assume once you get that low, you don't really care if you live or die.

And while it's doubtful that I'm going to save anyone with this post, who knows .. that's not really my intention but it wouldn't hurt if it did reach somebody who had an issue. We've all heard that 'rehab is for quitters,' and heard people make fun of somebody going to rehab .. but if that's what you need to do then that's what you need to do.

There's sites online that can help .. the one I'm speaking of now is called 4rehabilitation.com. Since choosing a rehab treatment center could be a scary task, this place can help. They can help you find a drug treatment center that is right for you. You can reach them at their website, or they also have a toll free number for within the United States and even an international line.

Even if you just happen to know somebody who knows somebody who is struggling, you can help get them on the right track by letting them know about 4rehabilitation.com. Ultimately it's the addict that has to take the big steps to get help .. but you can always help by just trying to open their eyes to their own self-worth, and to a better path.

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