PayPerPost really does pay off!

There are a lot of blogs making money by writing for PayPerPost, including mine!

So far, I've made $10 with PayPerPost and I am expecting another $11 or so from posts that have been accepted but just not paid out yet. So, it really does work! It's really easy, all you do is pick the opportunities you are qualified for and write about them, insert some links, and that's it .. simple! They deposit the money straight to your PayPal account if you wish .. so you don't have to worry about waiting for a check to arrive.

If I had more time I am sure I could make even more from PayPerPost .. just hard to find time to write much while also taking classes.

Anyway, what will I do with the PayPerPost money? Nothing major right now, unless I make something considerable from it in the future. Right now it just goes into my everyday living expenses ... can't do a whole lot with $22 but I could use it for an extra tank of gas, or some art supplies for my classes, or maybe lunch for a week or two (Subway, yeah!)

What else can $22 buy? Hmm, groceries for a week? Getting a haircut and my eyebrows done? New socks and underwear? A little makeup, shampoo and conditioner? The possibilities of what I could use the money for are endless.

I'll keep posting, we'll see how it goes =)

It should come as no surprise that: