I designed this character in Adobe Illustrator this evening.

I want to do something for my art history final in the style of Jamie Hewlett, of Gorillaz fame, so this was my first attempt.

While I'm happy with it so far, he still needs lots of work. That's a lighter in his hand but I'm thinking he needs a candle, and better hands than your standard South Park hands. Those are too easy.

This isn't the setting he will be in when I'm done .. I'm turning him into a modern-day cave painter .. which is why he's holding a lighter, he will be illuminating the walls of a cave full of his graffiti when it's finished. The final version will be printed large and mounted on something sturdy. Click on the image if you want to see it a little bit bigger.

I'm proud of his hair and hoodie so far, but I think both could use more ... something? I'll also need to fix the fact that his head appears to be floating and the lighter is way too high up in his hand. Also, the flame doesn't look at all like flame but more like his lighter has exploded.

So anyway, there's a sneak peak.