May you live in interesting times.

It's funny to see how tense freshmen can be on the first day of classes. And funny to see at the end of the quarter how they sometimes change.

The professors at my school are about to go on strike if they cannot get better pay/health benefits.

The moon was full last night and made my bedroom brighter when I turned off the lights to sleep. I've lived here for 6 months but never noticed that before.

My art history professor has the song "Lady Marmalade" as his ringtone ... he's nearly 60 years old and a grandpa so that makes the whole thing funny, since it's the version with Pink/Maya/Lil Kim/Christina Aguilera.

I'm about to begin my art history project early this time because last time I waited too long. I'm thinking something BIG, digitally rendered and maybe even divided up on large panels. I have a few ideas .. just have to put them to work in Photoshop.

I'm currently reading "In Country" by Bobbi Ann Mason and it's very good. I highly recommend. Click on the image to read more about it or buy it for cheap. I hope I can finish it before the quarter gets too crazy. The author will be signing books at the local library sometime in the fall. Maybe I'll go and have my book signed too.

The phrase 'may you live in interesting times' is believed by some to be a curse.

That's all for now.