Sucks to be the Pope.

How many fucking times does the poor guy have to apologize? How many nuns have be murdered because of it? Ok, only one so far and they aren't sure if there is a connection yet, but still.

His apologies have been the 'latest headline' in my Firefox news now for the past 2 days.

The Pope said he was sorry now like 5 thousand times. Get over it.

I'm starting to think Muslims will use just about any old reason to be pissed off just so they have some "excuse" to riot and cut people's heads off and burn shit and whatever else they can do that's destructive and threatens terror. They are pissed off by cartoons, the Pope, talking bad about camels, insulting their getting personal with sheep, and even swirly ice cream cones from Burger King. I'm not kidding. Go to google and search for "Muslims offended by". You'll be surprised at the long list of bullshit you will find.

*newsflash* It's not all about you, Muhammed and nobody likes you.

Call me crass and intolerant if you wish, but I'm neither. I'm just not afraid to speak up about stupid people and retarded religions.

If you don't hear from me soon, send out an all points bulletin. You never know. I mean I did post a cartoon and talk shit about Muslims and all, for which I will never apologize.