16 page book .. finished!

I finally finished the 16 page book for my typography final. I'm so glad to be done with it. I had it bound in a copy shop today and it's ready to be turned in on Thursday.

Here's the logo I made for the cover page. I enjoyed making it. Actually, I enjoyed the whole project even though I complained about it alot. Anyway, I always wondered what went into making small publications but never really knew how it worked. Now it's pretty easy if I ever want to do it again in the future.

The topic of my book was tea .. what it is, how to brew it, cultivation, tea leaf readings, recipes, health benefits, tea types and how they differ in taste, and famous quotes and song lyrics about tea.

I made some cool type illustrations for it too .. a teacup and a teapot made out of just symbols; maybe I can post those later.

I only have one grade back so far and that's a B- in science. I'm happy with that because that class was very difficult.

Another quarter down .. and one year of school complete! =)

Seems like a good time to go enjoy some very cool primate photography.