An inch of asscrack peeking out overtop your low-rise jeans is NOT sexy. I don't care if you are tiny or tan. It's not cute, it's not cool, it's plain fucking gross. Pull up your pants or invest in a belt.

Oh, and your pink Razr phone doesn't cover up the fact that you are still ugly and ordinary.

And this isn't BigTime, USA; you still only live in Shittown.

So there. Get a clue.

* * *

disclaimer: I initially wanted to write a rant about how badly I was treated yesterday at work by an after-church crowd of "Christians", but I can't be bothered right now. Visit again after another Sunday rolls around. I'm sure there will be many more zany, madcap incidents involving the lovely, wholesome, god fearing fellowshippers and their hilarious (frightening) highjinx, since, it happens every fucking Sunday. No exceptions.

and if you happen to be one of those fellowshippers who love to torment those of us who work on your "sabbath," you should be damn ashamed of yourself. If you're actually gonna pretty yourself up and spend the evening at church, throw a few bucks in the offering plate, and smile and pretend you have a brotherhood with your fellow fellowshippers (who you will most likely badmouth on your way out the chapel door) LEARN SOMETHING WHILE YOU ARE THERE. Last I heard, there were these rules like .. "be kind to others" .. "Treat others as you would like to be treated", and all that stuff you've heard for years and years that obviously never stuck in your small-minded brains.

Don't come into my place of business, force me to run and sweat my ass off so you can stuff yourself on pizza (doesn't the Bible say something about gluttony as well?) and then throw down a $3 tip to somehow patronize my serving your table of eight fellowshippers $55 worth of food. (I know they don't teach the 15% stuff at church. Ask if you'd like to learn, I'd be happy to teach, or, another good rule of thumb is just to double the tax.)

Judge not, lest ye be judged yo.