Ok, so today there was a Pre-Med day held at my college. I'm not a pre-med student, but I do have a co-worker who is .. and she notified me excitedly upon my arrival this morning that the cadavers were on display, and asked if I wanted to go see them.

So, I did. Because I've always wanted to, but I also had this image in my head that it would resemble what you see in morgue or autopsy scenes in movies, right? Body propped up on table in cold room .. low bluish lighting .. hushed tones .. body pretty much intact except maybe the chest cracked open and peeled back to view inside .. paperlike, noxious but somehow peaceful dead face ..

Umm, well ... this wasn't anything like that.

The body was laid out in normal lighting and surrounded by potential pre-med students. The smell of formaldehyde filled the room and the hallway outside. The body, which was headless, was sprawled on the table looking much like a raw Thanksgiving turkey, only .. human shaped. Where the head *should* have been was just a deep, black hole into nothingness. JUST like that Thanksgiving turkey. Perfect place to put the stuffing.

Where the skin would have been was not quite what I would call muscle, but more like a veal or chicken liver pate .. I know, I keep using food references, but .. that's how it was!

A student leading the exhibit reached inside the cadaver, groped around, and then produced the stomach .. which to my surprise is not nearly as big as I thought it would be, but, according to the student, extremely stretchy.

THEN, the cadaver's skinless, skeletal hand jolted up from it's raw, wrinkly, pate-and-turkey-meat-like body and grabbed the pre-med student around the neck and proceeded to strangle the shit out of him while people trampled each other running mad from the lab screaming in bloody terror .... huh?

Oh .. wait .. that didn't happen.

All in all it wasn't as macabre as I thought it would be. It was actually very intriguing to see inside a human body. A headless one at that.

I'll let you know if any nightmares arise from this.