Fluent Sap, Now New & Improved with 31 Teeth!

<---- This was me .. yesterday.

I don't even want to talk about how much it hurts to have shots of Novocaine injected half-a-needle-deep into the roof of your mouth WHILE it's infected.

Don't even wanna talk about how the infection tastes when they draw the needle out.

Don't want to talk about how the drill sounded, or how it feels and sounds to be awake while having a first-year molar cut out of your badly infected gums, or how it felt to have all of this done while Confederate Railroad crooned "I like my Women a Little on the Trashy Side" on the blaring sound system. As if going to the dentist isn't traumatic enough, why do they have to blast country music too? Country music + the sound of breaking teeth is NOT cool. Not cool at all.

Don't want to talk about my stitches. Don't want to talk about how I have to go back next week to have them removed.

If there is a hell, it would be all of the above.