Reviewing MortgageLowdown.com

Ok, just as in the earlier post about investments, here's another topic I'm not too keen on: mortgages. I know what the term means, but I have no idea where to start in terms of getting something started. I've always lived in apartments and would need some serious guidance if I were to obtain my first home loan.

But MortgageLowdown.com gives some good insight into a broad topic like mortgages, full of tips and resources for first time buyers. With categories such as banking, real estate, and interest rates, you are sure to find the direction you are looking for through them.

This blog has been around since July of 2006 and seems to be full of invaluable information for first time buyers, so if you are part of that market and are looking for information, be sure to check them out at the link above. The articles are well-written, easy to navigate, and are filled with links to guide you along the way.

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