Mold .. who needs it?

Several years ago I worked at a sleazy used car lot in Knoxville, TN that was just recently torn down.

Anyway, everyday I would go in feeling great and within about an hour I would be laying my head on the desk feeling just horrible. My eyes would itch, my nose would get all stuffed up, my head would ache like crazy and I found it difficult to take a deep breath. Everyday I suffered feeling like I couldn't go another hour sitting in there. Strangely enough, I would feel better if I went out to get fresh air or left the building for a lunch break, and much better when I went home for the evening.

The building was old .. and other people were having the same problems I was but we couldn't figure out why.

Little did we know, the walls were filled with mold.

Maybe if I had lived in New Jersey at the time, someone could have actually done something about it. New Jersey Mold Removal have specially trained dogs who can sniff out mold in its exact location, even finding mold you cannot see.

So if you're suffering, why not give them a try? It might be mold that's making you feel so bad or invading your home or walls.

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