A Streetcar Named Desire.

I chose this movie for a paper I have to write for my American Film History class this quarter. The assignment is to choose a movie released before you were born and write a 6 page paper about how you can tell it was a product from the decade it was made.

I wasn't too thrilled about watching a movie from 1951 since I'm not a fan of older movies (or, I thought I wasn't .. ) I guess I can't really call myself a movie buff if I'm not familiar with films from all decades in general.

And this one is really good! Very talky, but good.

It makes me want to see more classic movies and more Marlon Brando. I had enjoyed him in the Godfather movies and Apocalypse Now but had never seen him in one of his much younger roles.

I also had no idea what a crazy life he had.


*Only 18 more school days then I'm off til January 3rd!*