Some guy is behind bars tonight just because he thought he was slick enough to pass a counterfeit $50 at the restaurant where I work.

People are SO dumb. Now he'll be behind bars for however long for committing a federal offense.

A federal offense just for a few sandwiches and some fries.

What a dumbass!

It seems to be going around town though .. we were warned yesterday of fake money going around. But we outsmarted him with our "super slick ninja skills!," as my manager put it. I don't quite know what that means .. but one employee used the magic pen thingy to tell it was a fake while I ran out the back of the store pretending to take out trash when I was really just getting his license number and my manager was on the phone with the cops. The guy eventually got spooked and drove off, but was picked up somewhere down the road.

Yay for being smart fast food crimefighters!

Not all people who work fast food are stupid, y'know.