Ok, so ....

We didn’t go to the movies after all. Maybe tomorrow evening. We went out to dinner and then had an adventurous trip to WalMart. I mean, isn’t every WalMart trip adventurous in some way? The cool thing is we got coffee tables and end tables that ACTUALLY MATCH. That is rare for us and I love them. They are plain, simple, and black. They were cheap but still look good. There are a pair of tall rice paper lamps I found through IKEA that will look awesome on the endtables.

So, slowly but surely I’m getting the place put together. I still need art for the walls though. I’m talking affordable art. Any ideas? Any hidden gems that I don’t know about? I would love to deck the place out just using just IKEA and Etsy, but if there are some sites I don’t know about, PLEASE, point them out to me. I want to make this place look really nice.