Check out Vitalic Clothing!


Vitalic Clothing is a unique t-shirt design business started by my friend Dan, one of the best graphic designers I know.

His designs are truly original and hip! View the design gallery here.

Vitalic Clothing was created due to the lack of creativity, experimentation and individuality that can be found in a high school t-shirt. So putting our minds together we have formed Vitalic Clothing. Our first Collection of design ideas and elements can be viewed on or facebook page, but for the latest designs and the full skinny on what we can do to make your t-shirt project a success go to our website at www.vitalicclothing.com.

Our designs seek to reinvision what a T-shirt can be. All our designs are ready to be customized and reconstructed to your specific need on request: color choices, graphic accents, foil embellishment…. no problem. All our shirts are printed with soft hand inks on the highest quality fabric. Our designs are great for clubs, senior classes, and sport teams who are wanting something original and different.

Download the online Vitalic catalog, drop them a line at service@vitalicclothing.com or call 877.259.4353. And if you like what you see, of course pass this information on and join the Vitalic fan page on Facebook.