If you like quizzes ..

If you are like me and enjoy taking personality tests and quizzes just to pass the time .. then you must visit this site! Quiz Rocket has 18 trivia quizzes and personality tests, and they add new quizzes each week. I especially enjoyed the dumb test.

The quizzes are free, professionally-written, and fun to take. It goes like this: users take the quiz, then view offers from advertisers based on their quiz responses, and then they receive their score and a badge for taking the quiz. The badges can be placed on your blog so other people can see it and go take the quizzes themselves.

There are dozens of quiz topics, such as: Dating Personality Quiz, Religion Test, Intelligence Quiz, Office Character Quiz, Where Should I Live Quiz, Personal Fashion Style Quiz,Cooking Quiz, Reality TV Quizzes, Dumb Test, Pop Culture Quiz, One Hit Wonder Songs Quiz, Pop Music Quiz, Gay Guiz,Online Bible Quiz, Teen Personality Quiz, Lesbian quiz, and the "Impossible" Quiz.

Go check them out today!

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